Ted and Barney’s Seasoning (we like to call it, Ted and Barney’s) is the culmination of the love of food and the knowledge gained from being in the meat business for over forty years. Ted Maxwell and Barney Barnhart grew up in Humboldt County, California and a parallel path emerged as both men started their respective careers in the meat business during high school.

Ted and Barney met when they worked for a local meat store in the northern part of Eureka in early 1970; which eventually led to them co-owning one of Eureka’s premier meat markets in the Old Towne section of Eureka called, Eureka Meats.

Ted and Barney’s was perfected while they operated Eureka Meats and their seasoning soon became a staple whenever beef, fish, chicken, and especially, wild game was cooked. Once people tried Ted and Barney’s, it became popular when cooking just about everything. Egg dishes, potatoes, salads; anything a person would use plain salt and pepper was greatly enhanced with a dash of Ted and Barney’s.

Eureka Meats was tragically destroyed by fire in 2006, but Ted and Barney’s Meat Seasoning lives on today as a joint Maxwell and Barnhart family business. We know you’ll be making a space in your spice cabinet once you’ve tried Ted and Barney’s.